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An intoductory instructional flight participant ready to fly.

Dean Toplis (RIP) and student Todd Reichert, about to embark on a training flight. Todd set a world record by building, and being the first person to fly a human powered ornithopter.
Introductory Instructional Flights

Visitors are welcome at the club. We offer introductory instructional flights to anyone intersted in soaring, as well as to prospective students and members. The duration of the flight depends on local weather conditions; if weather conditions are favourable, a flight is about 30 minutes.

Introductory Instructional vouchers

We get many requests for single Introductory Instructional Flight vouchers. These make wonderful presents for a birthday, anniversary, mother’s and father’s days or other special occasion. Vouchers may be purchased online, with secure credit card processing.

Five Flight Introductory Instructional packages

Students can learn to fly on a trial basis, without the cost or commitment of a full membership. The five flight instruction package must be used in the current season. However, students can upgrade the five flight package to full membership at a discount.


Each year GLGC accepts a limited number of students and licensed pilots as new members.

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