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The club's single-seat Jantar on final approach, with the Pawnee tow-plane in the background.

Krosno two-seat trainer over the town of Beeton.

Our Chief Flying Instructor (and commercial pilot) Dean Toplis in the Pawnee tow-plane.
GLGC has two Krosno two-seat gliders that are ideal training sailplanes, with outstanding performance, and exceptional visibility for both pilot and passenger on scenic flights.

The club has a high-performance, single-seat Jantar sailplane available for members to fly. The Jantar is an excellent cross-country sailplane for going long distances, and is also equipped with an oxygen system for high altitudes.

In addition to the GLGC sailplanes and tow-plane, there are a number of sailplanes on our field privately-owned by GLGC members. These include high performance sailplanes and vintage gliders, and visitors to our field have the chance to see up close the latest and greatest technology, past and present, in the sport of soaring.

GLGC’s instructors are licensed by Transport Canada as glider pilots. In addition, our instructors have taken and passed the gliding instructors course offered by the Soaring Association of Canada.

Tow-Plane and Pilots
Our tow-plane is a Piper Pawnee, a powerful aircraft that has a proven record in the soaring community for towing all types of sailplanes.

Our tow-plane pilots are licensed by Transport Canada as aeroplane pilots. Our roster of tow-plane pilots includes GLGC members who are both licensed glider pilots and licensed aeroplane pilots, as well as volunteer commercial and airline pilots.

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