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Flight Instruction

Gliding is one of the least expensive ways to fly.

As a Student Glider Pilot You

  • Follow a course of ground and flight instruction that leads to a glider pilot license (GPL), issued by Transport Canada.
  • Pay only for the aero-tow and glider rental - instruction is free.
  • May credit a portion of your glider hours towards a power private (PPL) or commercial pilot license (CPL).
  • May fly solo at the age of 14.
  • May be licensed at the age of 16.

Our Instructors

  • Are licensed by Transport Canada.
  • Teach from the Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) syllabus.
  • Are volunteers who teach for the love of our sport.

Our Sailplane Fleet

  • Consists of two PZL Krosno two-seat gliders. The Krosnos are ideal training sailplanes with ease of handling and exceptional visibility for both pilot and student on a training flight, or for a passenger on a scenic flight.
  • Has two single-seat sailplanes available for members to fly. The ASK6 is an excellent glider for transition to single-seat gliders. The high performance ASW 19 is an excellent cross-country sailplane and is equipped with an oxygen system for high-altitude flights.
  • Is equipped with PowerFLARM collision avoidance systems.

Our Tow Plane

  • Is a Piper Pawnee crop duster.
  • Has a 265HP Lycoming engine.
  • Is equipped with a quiet four-blade Hoffmann propeller.
  • Has a proven track record for glider towing.

Our Tow Pilots

  • Are Transport Canada licensed.
  • Some are club members with glider licenses.
  • Are volunteers.
  • Some have commercial and airline licenses.

Great Lakes Gliding Club

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